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  1. genre: Action, Drama
  2. runtime: 3Hours, 1 Minute
  3. Jack Kirby
  4. countries: USA
  5. audience Score: 705078 votes

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Before watching Endgame, I had doubts it will not be better than Infinity war. but it's not, the movie is tremendously good, emotionally and fantastic. everything from the first moment to the final scene is perfectly made.

Download avengers endgame full movie in hindi in jio phone. I'm sorry but this movie was terrible. Boring and drawn out with some of the laziest writing and script you could imagine. So after the events of infinity war, you half half the population wiped out, Spider-Man, Doctor strange, black panther etc. All turned to dust, iron man stranded on a ship light years away from anything or anyone and we are all thinking "where could the movie go from here. and what is the best the directors could come up with. iron man gets saved right at the start of the movie then the avengers that are left will just go back in time and get the stones and save the other ones. Ads you kidding me? My 5 year old nephew could come up with better. Not to mention why not just do that in the last movie then? They then spend the majority of the movie going back in time to previous movies so we can watch all the crap we've already seen. Just so after 2.5 hours we can get back to the exact same battle sequence with thanos and all the avengers as the last movie except in this scenario they get the stones off him. Pathetic. Why call this endgame? It's already obvious they're gonna make a million more and never stop making this trash.

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Download Movie Avengers: end game

I've never done this before but the movie is so great I was willing to vote. Download movie avengers: endgame download. Forget people who say that this movie is crap,because the way I see it avengers endgame is the most entertaining movie in history so far.


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Download Movie Avengers: endgame. Download movie avengers: endgame free. Download movie avengers 3a endgame download. Download movie avengers: endgame online. Download movie avengers: endgame series. Download movie avengers: endgame 2016. Download movie avengers endgame tamilrockers. The movie is "okay" but can´t reach the same intensity like Avengers: Infinity War. Sadly to say, that the production team missed the opportunity to deliver a milestone in superhero cinema. The effects and the shooting is top notch, but unfortunately that´s not all. It just looked like "work on schedule. So, don´t believe the media hype and don´t set your expectations too high. Entertaining? Yes. somehow if you forget about all the cringy moments! But really nothing more...

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